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Top Picks: Spring

Spring is Here by Lois Lenski
Beloved illustrator’s simple rhymes highlight the activities of spring. A perfect picture book for little hands–just slightly bigger than a Beatrix Potter book–thankfully reprinted recently, many libraries still have this, and used copies are available online (though Amazon has none that are affordable at the time of this post).

The Happy Day by Ruth Krauss
Children have been enjoying this picture book for over 70 years. Krauss’ black-and-white illustrations tell the story of a whole woods’ full of animals waking up to the surprise, spring has arrived!

The Nicest Time of Year by Zhenya Gay
Another classic picture book from the “Golden Age of Children’s Books,” this one sparks interest in exploring nature in spring by relaying where to look for the new baby animals. Rabbits, birds, woodchucks, fawns, tadpoles, and snakes are drawn in Gay’s soft two-color illustrations.

Wait for the Sunshine: The Story of Seasons and Growing Things by Glenn O. Blough
Blough’s Science/Picture books are perennial favorites in our library. This title tells of the seasons, emphasizing the growth of plants and the food they produce. For elementary readers.

On the Same Day in March: A Tour of the World’s Weather by Marilyn Singer
A picture book introduction to the changing weather across the world, rhyming verses tell of locales from Canada, France, Senegal, India, Australia and many more–all on the SAME day in March.

Peeper, First Voice of Spring by Robert McClung
My favorite children’s science author, here McClung tells the story of the noisy spring chorus–the Hyla crucifer frog. From February to the following winter he traces the life cycle of the Spring Peepers.

Spring is Here! by Dorothy Sterling
This elementary science book explains in words and drawings why spring happens as it does. Travel with the author through the various climates and ecosystems tracing the answers to those mysteries of spring, such as “how do birds know when to return north?”

Hurry, Spring! by Sterling North
Really a set of reflections on various aspects of spring by Sterling North, author of Rascal. Hurry, Spring! is a book for readers from elementary on up through adults. More text than pictures, but the sections are short. “Can you keep a thousand secrets? Spring can! These secrets are within the seed, within the bud, within the mother and within the nest.”

Spring Comes to the Ocean by Jean Craighead George
Renowned naturalist/author George explores all the changes that occur in the ocean when the seasons move from winter to spring. A unique look, told in narrative prose, for upper-elementary through high school readers.

Sketching Outdoors in Spring by Jim Arnosky
A favorite artist/naturalist, Arnosky shares his own sketchbook made one spring on his Vermont farm with us, and offers drawing tips along the way. Lovers of nature of all ages will enjoy the pictures and be inspired to go draw spring in their own backyards.

North with the Spring by Edwin Way Teale
Renowned naturalist Edwin Teale takes us on the journey he and his wife had long dreamt of: to start at the southern tip of Florida and travel North with the Spring to the Canadian border, all in the confines of the calendar season. From floating islands to bat caves to vertically migrating birds this book is a beautiful and engaging look at the natural history of a season

Springtime in Britain by Edwin Way Teale
After completing his journeys through the four American seasons, Teale traveled to Britain to relate the natural history of spring in that country.