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Top Picks: Ocean Life

Shelly wrote us asking for some recommendations of good Ocean Life books to read aloud to her science-loving 6-, almost 7-year-old. Here are some of our favorites:

The Burgess Seashore Book For Children by Thornton Burgess
One of the first field guides for children, Burgess’ inimitable ability to combine story with scientific fact is prominently displayed in this chapter book. Danny Meadow Mouse finds himself aboard an airplane, and subsequently at the seashore, where all the creatures are very different from those he is used to seeing.

Horseshoe Crab, Leaper, Scoop, and Sea Star by Robert McClung
Young readers (and their parents) in our library love McClung. Taking one animal as representative of their species, McClung tells the story of their life cycle. He uses simple language and big print for children who are transitioning to reading on their own. Highly recommended!

Here Come the Dolphins! and Here Come the Whales! by Alice Goudey
Easier “chapter books” this is a popular series in our library. Many children pick these as their favorite free reading!

Near the Sea, Beachcombing, Parrotfish and Sunken Ships by Jim Arnosky
Renowned naturalist/illustrator Jim Arnosky’s books have wonderful pictures and are great introductions to natural history topics. These three feature the ocean–life in and near it.

Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science Books by Various Authors
An Octopus is Amazing; Starfish; Sponges are Skeletons; Sandpipers; Dolphin Talk; What’s it Like to be a Fish; Green Turtle Mysteries; Icebergs; A Jellyfish is Not a Fish–and others! Intended for young readers, or those learning to read, these books are sound science presented in a clear, straightforward way, easily engaged by younger children.

See Through the Sea by Millicent Selsam
This is a great introduction to the geology of the ocean, how it’s shaped, who lives at what depth, tides and other seashore phenomenon.

Life-Cycle Stories by Various Authors
Moon Jelly Swims Through the Sea; Hermit Crab Lives in a Shell; Octopus Lives in the Ocean; Sea Horse: Fish in Armor; and Fiddler Crab. This is another series for young readers, following one creature through his life and habitat.

Who Lives at the Seashore? by Glenn Blough
Blough’s books are a great introduction to natural history!  Illustrated by Jeanne Bendick, this picture-book examines all aspects of the seashore, not only the inhabitants but the tides, tidal pools, waves, etc.

Water People by Wilfrid Bronson
Bronson was the first living science book author to capture my imagination–this book is for a little older reader, but such a lovely look at various fish.