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Top Picks: More Spring Books

Spring is finally showing its colors around here, and with it a scramble to get our early crops in the ground here on the farm…Between that and preparing for a seminar on using books in a Charlotte Mason Education in Charlotte, NC this weekend, I’m behind on my to-do list. Again!

Instead of a new list of books for our Top Picks series, I thought I’d share a link to a collection of great living books to welcome the new season that we posted three years ago. Enjoy! I hope to have a new list up in two weeks, and if you have any suggestions for lists of recommendations we can give, please reply in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Top Picks: More Spring Books

  1. Hi Emily,
    We are one chapter away from finishing Sugar Bush by Dorothea Dana. It's a chapter book about a Vermont community coming together to make maple syrup. It's been a delight, filled with wonderful descriptions of the process of making maple syrup as well as a look at family and community. Highly recommended for spring time! Two other favorites are Song of the Swallows by Leo Politi and Spring Story by Jill Barklem, both picture books.

    Take care!

  2. Emily,

    I loved that list you linked to! So many wonderful-sounding books. I want to read them all, and only a few are available at my library πŸ™

    I want to put in my two cents for a newer book that our family loves: And Then It's Spring by Julie Fogliano, illustrated by Erin E. Stead. And I'm with Kelly (above) about Jill Barklem's Spring Story. I love the Brambly Hedge books.

    God bless your preparations for the conference this weekend. (And if they record your talk, will you please post a link? I'd love to hear it!)


  3. Thanks for sharing Kelly! I haven't read Sugar Bush yet, but have seen a few recommendations for it. I also love Song of the Swallows! Just too many great books, though that isn't surprising for such a miraculous season as spring.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your favorite spring story, Kimberlee!

    I don't think our talks this weekend will be recorded, but of course would let you know if they were by chance. I also think if you're looking for some literary inspiration you might enjoy the Rabbit Room Podcasts "Tales of New Creation, Parts 1-3." I listen over and over and always think, "There isn't any need for me to ever speak publicly again, just tell people to listen to those!"

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