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Some of you will remember the Homeschool Librarians Conference we were privileged to host here in Virginia last June. I wrote on how that conference came about and afterward shared some of the highlights of that event.

Because of the increasing interest of homeschool families to offer their book collections to other  homeschoolers in their own communities, the general lack of information readily available for this relatively new concept, and our strong desire to at least share our hard-won knowledge about how to operate such a library, we put an invitation out to see if anyone would find it worthwhile to travel to us to see our library firsthand and to ask questions and get information about building such a library. Many took us up on this and we had the opportunity not just to share, but to meet other people as crazy about old books as we are and just as eager to open libraries in their communities. However, there were probably at least that many that were unable to attend who begged us to make the information available to them somehow. Every month we hear from others who are curious, intrigued, or pursuing building libraries of old living books.

At long last we are prepared to distribute the recordings that were made at the conference. These can be purchased directly through this website. Our hope is that this resource will be valuable not just for those who consider actually opening libraries soon or at some time in the distant future, but for families who simply wish to organize their own books at home for their personal use or informal loaning purposes. Note that the two DVDs may be purchased separately, but are included with the audio recordings of the Homeschool Librarians Conference if you choose to purchase the entire package.

Any of you who collect old used books may find the DVD of Emily demonstrating various kinds of book repair to be an invaluable resource.

The DVD about Living Books Library includes a demonstration describing what a living book is, a tour of our library to see it’s scope and organization, and some sharing of how the library is used in our community. If you want an up-close peek into what actually goes on here, this will give you a picture. It may also be  useful to share with others who are interested in living books and organizing them in their homes.

Homeschool Librarians Conference 2012:
A New Vision for Old Books 
Includes six audio CD’s and two DVD’s
Session 1: A New Vision for Old Books
Session 2. Book Acquisition: Building a Homeschool Library
Session 3: Books Lost and Found: Organizing a Homeschool Library
Session 4: Book Hospital: Repairing and Preserving Books – DVD
Session 5: Conference Q&A with 4 Librarians
Session 6: Books Coming and Going: Running a Homeschool Library
Session 7: Bookkeeping: Financing a Homeschool Library
Bonus: Living Books Library: A Unique Place for Books – DVD

Package Price: $99 (shipping included)

Book Hospital: Repairing and Preserving Books DVD
 $25 (plus shipping)

Living Books Library: A Unique Place for Books DVD 
$15 (plus shipping)

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  1. I'm so glad I found this site! I've been dreaming of my own home school library for years, it's wonderful to see others have taken the initiative to bring such a wonderful service to their communities!

  2. Angela,
    I'm glad you found us, too. Do you know we have a yahoo group for support and information, just for Christian homeschool library builders? (homeschoollibrary is the name of the group you can find it at groups.yahoo.com)


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