LBL's Wish List

Below are the books we are looking for.  If you have any of them for sale, we are willing to trade, credit, or buy them outright.  Please post a comment, or send an email to if you are willing to swap with us!

History/Historical Fiction/Biography

Title Author
Abbot, The Scott, Sir Walter
Adventures of Hercules, The Fadiman, Clifton
After the Flood Cooper, Bill
Akhnaten: Rebel Pharaoh Silverberg, Robert
Alexander the Great Robinson, Charles
Alexander the Great: Scientist-King Suggs, Robert
Alexander's Great March Baumann, Hans
Alexander's Horses Powers, Alfred
Alfred , King of the English Oman, Carola
Alfred the Great Fitt, Mary
All Men Tall Wheeler, Thomas
Amuny, Boy of Old Egypt Schlein, Miriam
Ancient Rome Purdy, Susan
Antonio's Apprenticeship Morrison, Tayolor
At the Lion Gate Palmer, Myron Tim
Athens at War Warner, Rex (adapted from Thucydides)
Attila the Hun Webb, Robert
Augustine & His Search For Faith Lomask, Milton
Avenger Hodges, Margaret
Awani Foltz, Mary Jane
Baghdad Mission Rosen, Sidney & Dorothy
Barbarians Suskind, Richard
Battle of Lepanto Marx, Robert
Belisarius Downey, Glanville
Borrowed Crown Maiden, Cecil
Boy Knight of Reims Lownsberry, Eloise
Broken Dykes Daniel, Hawthorne
Cats of Destiny Downey, Fairfax
Charioteer Eberle, Irmengarde
Charlemagne Stearns, Monroe
Charles V Grant, Neil
Children of the Fox Walsh, Jill Paton
Chosen Boy Long, Laura
Chronicles of Froissart Froissart
Cliff Dwellers of Walnut Canyon Fenton, Carroll
Courageous Companions Finger, Charles
Croatan Johnston, Mary
Devil in Print Drewery, Mary
Devil's Brood Duggan, Alfred
Diary of the Boy King Tut-Ankh-Amen Reig, June
Drawing History: Ancient GreeceRaphael, Elaine & Bolognese, Don
Edmund Campion Gardiner, Harold
Egyptian Necklace Palmer
Emperor's Winding Sheet Walsh, Jill Paton
Enemy at the Gate Ritchie, Rita
Euclid & Geometry De Lacy, Estelle
Everyday Life of a Celtic Farmer Caselli, Giovanni
Exploring the Great River Meredith, Robert & Smith, E. Brooks
Fair God Wallace, Lew
Fall of the Incas Glubok, Shirley
Famous Kings & Queens Coffman, Ramon
Faraway Princess Oliver, Jane
Ferdinand Magellan Wilkie, Katharine
First to be Called Christians Smither, Ethel
Flame: Catherine of Siena Eaton, Jeannette
Food & Feasts in Tudor Times Balkwill, Richard
For Kirk & Covenant Wilson, Douglas
Four Men Who Changed the Universe Silverberg, Robert
Francis & Clare Homan, Helen
From Star to Star Kelly, Eric
Galileo & Experimental Science Marcus, Rebecca
Gauntlet of Dunmore Daniel, Hawthorne
Gift of the Golden Cup Lawrence, Isabelle
Glastonbury Crow, Donna
Golden Conquest Lobdell, Helen
Goldsmith of Florence Gibson, Katharine
Good King Wenceslas Luckhardt, Mildred
Granada, Surrender! Kidwell, Carl
Great Ideas of Science Asimov, Isaac
Great Invasion Alderman, Clifford
Great Pyramid Mystery Morgan, DeWolfe
Green Blades Rising Crossley-Holland, Kevin
Gregory the Great Sanderlin
Hakon of Rogen's Saga Haugaard, Erik
Hannibal & 37 Elephants Hirsch, Marilyn
Havelok the Dane Crossley-Holland, Kevin
Havelok the Dane Serraillier, Ian
Heart of Wood Sharoff, Victor
Heir to Pendarrow Fecher, Constance
Hengest's Tale Walsh, Gillian Paton
Henry VIII of England Pittenger, Henry
Heroes & Saints Unstead, R.J.
Heroes from Hakluyt Finger, Charles
His Own Good Daughter Newell, Hope
Hopi Way Elting, Mary
Horsemen on the Hills Trease, Geoffrey
Ice Falcon Ritchie, Rita
Invaders of Rome Keating, Bern
Isle of Glory Oliver, Jane
John Knox Smith, G. Barnett & Martin
John Welch Barrett
Journeys of Hannibal Rosen, Mike
Juanito Makes a Drum Chandler, Edna
Julia Valeria Gale, Elizabeth
Justinian the Great Fitzgerald
Kemi Buff, Mary & Conrad
Kinderdike Fisher, Leonard
King Alfred the Great Johnson, Eleanor
King's Jewel Berry, Erick
King's Road Holland, Cecilia
King's Shadow Adler
Kingdom of the Bulls Capon, Paul
Knight Of Florence Everndon
Last Elizabethan Fecher, Constance
Lebek Hernandez
Legacies: Architecture Wood, Richard
Legend of the Cid Goldston, Robert
Legions of the Eagle Treece, Henry
Leonardo: Master of the Renaissance Lansing, Elisabeth
Life of Petrarch Ward, May
Lionhearted Reznikoff, Charles
Little Dusty Foot Magoon, Marian
Little Princes in the Tower Lace
Long Ago in Florence Downer, Marion
Lorenzo the Magnificent Loth, David
Lost Queen of Egypt Morrison, Lucile
Magna Carta Hodges, C. Walter
Maid of King Alfred's Court Madison
Man Who Found Ninevah Silverberg, Robert
Man Who Loved Books Fritz, Jean
Marching to Jerusalem Holberg, Ruth
Marvelous Blue Mouse Manson, Charles
Medieval Monastery MacDonald, Fiona
Men in Armor Suskind, Richard
Merchant's Mark Harnett, Cynthia
Military Life of Alexander the Great Dupuy, Trevor
Military Life of Julius Caesar Dupuy, Trevor
Minstrel Knight Rush
Narratives of De Soto in the Conquest of Florida Fidalgo
Noko, Captive of Columbus Hays, Wilma
Norman Britain Triggs, Tony
Northmen Chubb, Thomas
Odyssey of Courage Wojciechowska, Maia
Pangur Ban Stolz, Mary
Patrick of Ireland Hays, Wilma
Peasant Boy Who Became Pope Lattin, Harriet
Pedro Menendez Kolars
Perilous Pilgrimage Treece, Henry
Pomegranate Seeds Geringer, Laura
Prince Henry Nolan, Jeannette
Prince Henry the Navigator Anderson
Queen without a Crown Polland, Madeleine
Queen's Champion Sutton, Shaun
Queen's Most Honorable Pirate Wood, James
Queen's Progress Mannis, Celeste
Quest of Galileo Lauber, Patricia
Red Cape Varble, Rachel
Reluctant Queen Haycraft, Mollie
Rival Cities Robinson, M. Gregg
Roman Hostage Schurfranz, Vivian
Sailor Who Captured the Sea Lattimore, Deborah
Saxon Britain Triggs, Tony
Sea-Beggar's Son Monjo, F.N.
Sea-Dragon Sanderlin, George
Seas of Morning Trease, Geoffrey
Secret Beyond the Mountains Ritchie, Rita
Secret of the Pharaohs Schultz
Shadow of the Hawk Trease, Geoffrey
Shepherd of the Sun Appel, Benjamin
Ship's Boy with Magellan Lomask, Milton
Shuttle & Sword Daniel, Hawthorne
Sign of the Green Falcon Harnett, Cynthia
Six Queens Vance, Marguerite
So Young a Queen Mills
Socrates Moessinger, Pierre
Socrates Turlington
Son of the Land Bolton, Ivy
Sons of the Steppe Baumann, Hans
Spaniards are Coming! Manning-Sanders, Ruth
Spanish Letters Hunter, Mollie
St Frances de Sales Thompson
St. Benedict Windeatt
St. Catherine of Siena Windeatt
St. Ignatius Derleth, August
St. Louis & The Last Crusade Hubbard
St. Thomas Aquinas & Preaching Beggars Larnen
St. Thomas More of London Town Brady
Standing Lions Ray, Mary
Star & The Sword Melnikoff, Pamela
Stephen: Boy of the Mountain Lillie, Amy
Stilts, Somersaults & Headstands Fraser, Kathleen
Stolen Oracle Williams, Jay
Stories of the Norsemen Johnston, Johanna
Sugar Mouse Cake Zion, Gene
Sword and the Scythe Williams, Jay
Swords on the Sea Hewes, Agnes
Tales of True Knights Krapp, George
Tamar Malvern, Gladys
Theft of the Golden Ring Lawrence, Isabelle
Theodoric's Rainbow Kramer, Stephen
Theseus Kingsley, Charles
They Lived Like This in Ancient Mexico Neurath, Marie
They Lived Like This: The Vikings Neurath, Marie
They Marched with Spartacus Houghton, Rosemary
They Told Mr. Hakluyt Knight, Frank
Thomas Harriot Staiger
Tournament of the Lions Williams, Jay
Traitor Queen Faulkner, Nancy
True Princess Hunt, Angela
Tupak of the Incas Means, Florence
Turn in the Road DeLeeuw, Cateau
Tutankhamen & The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Knapp
Vasco Nunez de Balboa Sterne, Emma
Viking's Dawn Treece, Henry
Viking's Sunset Treece, Henry
Vikings Clare, John
Village of Blue Stone Trimble, Stephen
Voyage to Coromandel Leighton, Margaret
Vulca the Etruscan Angeletti, Roberta
War of the Roses Lace
Weekend with Leonardo da Vinci Skira-Ventura
Where Valor Lies DeLeeuw, Adele & Cateau
White Plume of Navarre Carter
White Wall Houghton, Rosemary
Winged Girl of Knossos Berry, Erick
Wings for Words McMurtie, Douglas
With the Will to Go Hewes, Agnes
Wonders of the World Caselli, Giovanni
Work of St. Francis Kantor, MacKinlay
World of Lady Jane Grey Malvern, Gladys
Wrath of the King Utt, Walter
Year of the Horse Ritchie, Rita
Yellow Hat Faulkner, Nancy
Yesterday's Daughter Daringer, Helen
Young Alexander the Great Mitichison
Young Elizabeth Plaidy, Jean
Young Man with a Sword Oliver
Young Mary, Queen of Scots Plaidy, Jean
Young Moses Haughton, Rosemary