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In November 2015, Liz gave a talk on Charlotte Mason's advice for mothers at the Grace to Build Retreat. The recording of this 46 minute talk is available to purchase!


For years I have been reading Charlotte Mason's books aloud to my mother. Because of her blindness, she has not been able to read them for herself--no edition exists in Braille, nor has been produced in an audio format, to the best of our knowledge. It has long been my goal to preserve the words of Charlotte Mason in audio format for the benefit of others as well. is planning to produce audio books of each of the six volumes in Charlotte Mason's Home Education Series.

The unabridged Audio Recording of Home Education is now available!

Home Education, Volume 1
[Audio Book]
Running Time: 9 hours, 36 minutes
MP3 Download ($11.99)

This is Charlotte Mason's introduction to her Method of Education. Focusing on what parents can do to prepare their young children (birth to age nine) for "school education," Miss Mason conveys the fundamentals that every child needs to become truly educated. An excellent volume to begin your exploration of Miss Mason's Methods, Home Education also serves as a wonderful parenting resource. The bulk of this volume was given as a series of lectures (to parents) that were the inspiration for the Parent's National Education Union and the schools, curriculum, and training college that make up what we in the US call "Charlotte Mason Education."

Please enjoy this FREE sample from Home Education [Audio Book]:
Volume 1: Home Education--"Preface to the Fourth Edition"

Ourselves is a book Mason wrote to be read by students. The volume is composed of two books, Book 1 is for children beginning at 8-9 years old, and Book 2 is for older students aged 14 & up. Written for "Improving Character and Conscience," Mason used this volume for the subject of Citizenship in her schools.

There are two ways to purchase this audio book: 

 -All once:

Ourselves, Volume 4 
[Audio Book] 
Running Time: 10 hours, 12 mins 
MP3 Download ($11.99)

-Each Book (I and II) separately:

             Book I              Book II
             [Audio Book]              [Audio Book]
             MP3 Download ($6.99)              MP3 Download ($6.99)
Please sample this FREE chapter from Ourselves [Audio Book]:
Volume 4: Ourselves, Our Souls and Bodies Book I, Introductory, 
Chapter I "The Country of Mansoul"
"But for the uneasy young soul, whose chief business in life is the navigation of an unknown craft, some knowledge of the carrying and sailing powers of the vessel is not only beneficent in itself, but is a relief from the obsession of that tiresome other self--the subjective self, we have called it--of which we become aware in that day when we eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge, and leave the paradise of the unconscious child."
Read more about Volume 4 here 
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  1. I love it! I can't wait until it's finished. I hesitate on audio books because sometimes I don't like the voice or the expression. This reader's voice is pleasant, but not drowsy-making, and the expression is good, but not over-the-top.

  2. Bravo! What a wonderful contribution to the CM community. Thank you for your hard work on this.

    From joy to joy,

  3. Fabulous. I listen to audio books a lot and when you have the other volumes finished I'll buy them!! Thank you so much for doing this.

  4. Sarah,

    It is my pleasure! As my mom has been dependent on others reading aloud CM to her, I understand deeply the need for an audio version, even when the listener isn't blind. I hope you enjoy!


  5. I'm so glad to have found these audios. I have been wanting to do this forever. Thank you for taking the time!! Plan to share these with my children, who are now considering educational options for their own children!

    1. Jennie,

      We are thankful these audios are proving helpful to you. We hope to continue to provide further recordings of Charlotte Mason's writings in the coming months.

      Liz and Emily

  6. I was very excited to see that someone is creating an audio recording of Charlotte Mason's writings!!! It looks like Volume 1 is almost complete! I would love to purchase both Volumes 4 and 1 all at once (instead of in separate cd installments)...any idea on when Volume 1 might be complete? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Amy,

      That project has definitely been delayed as I now have two small boys running around the house, but it is on the top of my list to finish, and I hope to have them complete this spring. Thanks for asking!


  7. I love this! I somehow get so much more out of the books when they are read to me!

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  9. I would to listen to the audio sample of Ourselves but the link isn't working. I've tried opening it in two different browsers.

    1. It's all fixed now, thank you for letting me know!