Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ask the Librarians...

"I'm looking for a living book about . . . for my child who is . . . "

Many such inquiries come our way, mostly within the physical space of our library, but also through this site. Knowing just which living book at just the right moment is a challenge for anyone. If we can help you with some ideas, please feel free to use us as a resource to direct you to a particular title and author.

We would be happy to help not just our actual library members, but anyone else we can.

Need some book recommendations? Send an email to giving as many details as possible regarding:

1. Desired topic or genre
2. Age(s) of child (or children) concerned
3. Reading level if for independent reader
4. Other topics or books enjoyed by child (children) even if in a different category
5. Whether the book will be read aloud to the child or if he'd be reading for himself

We'll feature our responses in the Top Picks section that appears midweek. Hope we can help.

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