Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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As we've mentioned before, we are a library dedicated to Living Books. We enjoy beauty. We love the feel of sitting down in our favorite spot by the fire and letting some words, penned long ago, feed our souls. We long to connect with the refined, the lovely, the good, the upright, the godly in literature of all ages. Most of our books are vintage, if not antique. If you've read our previous posts, you know that we do not think those old books are irrelevant to today's families.

However, there is nothing old-fashioned about having a website, and nothing surprising in our announcement today that we have joined the ranks of Facebook and Twitter users. Though this is a step that is quite outside our comfort zone, and we will always prefer spending time reading hard-copy-books above reading screens, we are well aware of the wonderful information available on the internet and appreciate the ease with which these two tools allow you to share this information with your friends. While we are comfortable with old ideas, we are not opposed to new methods of helping others discover resources and truth.

We will not  be posting everything  that happens at LBL, such as every time we buy a new book, but will update or tweet when we have new content at  For those of you who are users of those networks we hope this will help you keep up with us, and be the first to know when we update our book sale page.

Hopefully this will enable you to share more easily the good news that there are some timeless treasures still around to be enjoyed, old wisdom that never wears out, and resources here that cannot always be easily found in the more modern venues.

Thank you for passing LBL info on to those in your sphere of influence. We appreciate your joining in our effort to reach more people whose lives will be enriched through living literature.

For the joy of reading,

Living Books Library

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