Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome to Living Books Library

Liz and her daughter Emily operate Living Books Library in Abingdon, VA. Living Books Library is a lending library for Christian homeschool families that makes available over 13,000 vintage and out-of-print books to local families. Our goal is to assist families with the best literature that would otherwise not be available to them. Living Books Library provides books in a wide range of subject areas that feed the intellect, fire the imagination, and nourish the soul. Additionally, the library provides support for homeschool parents in consultations, workshops, and seminars throughout the year.


  1. So I'll have the honor of posting the first comment on your new site! Thanks for all you do in getting these books into eager young hands!!

    Robin Pack
    Children's Legacy Library

  2. I'll be the second. I am so proud of you both!!!!

  3. Liz, I sent an order quite a while ago for Joseph's gift certificate. Did you get it?