Monday, January 31, 2011

Science and Math

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For the most part our books are reading copies—wear and tear, but still enjoyable, usable books. I will use the following scale to evaluate their condition, noting any major blemishes in the description of the individual books:

Excellent—Like New, not EX-Library, like you would find at a new bookstore

Very Good—Maybe ex-library, maybe not (if not will say "NOT ex-lib"), very good shape, maybe a few page creases, or pencil marks, etc, still a very good book with tight binding and clean pages

Good—Some wear to cover and pages to be expected, may have had some hinge repair, but book is still solid, a very decent copy

Fair—Expect more wear and tear, tape reinforcement to spine or inside covers, tape to page tears, smudges on pages are usually present

Poor—Really sad book that has seen better days, still contains the wonderful ideas of the book, but is lacking on the physical appearance!

Condition Note: All are HARDBACK and Ex-Library with usual stamps and pockets, etc. unless otherwise noted. OOP means this book is Out of Print. Unless we have inadvertently misrepresented a book's condition, all sales are final.  Thanks for looking!


Miscellaneous Science:


Research Ideas for Young Scientists, George Barr. 1958. Good condition with DJ. $6.00 OOP
More Science Experiments You Can Eat, Vicki Cobb. 1979. PAPERBACK, NOT ex-library, good condition. $3.00
Rubber Bands, Baseball and Doughnuts: A Book About Topology, Robert Froman. A Young Math Book. 1972. I put this here because Young Math books are very "hands-on" and walk the child through using household items to understand and recreate science/math principles. I also way under-priced this because I couldn't in good conscience charge $65 which is the cheapest copy online right now! Edgewear, pages are very clean and tight. Good overall other than wear to cover. $25.00 OOP

Nature Lore:
On Wings of Cheer, Sam Campbell. 1948, recent reprint. PAPERBACK, NOT ex-library very good condition. $5.00 OOP
Fiddlesticks and Freckles, Sam Campbell. 1955, recent reprint. PAPERBACK, NOT ex-library, very good condition. $5.00 OOP
Exploring Nature with Your Child, Dorothy Shuttlesworth. 1952. "An Introduction to the enjoyment and understanding of nature for all." Good condition with DJ. $8.00 OOP
One Day in the Desert, Jean Craighead George. 1983. Very good condition with DJ. $6.00

What is Chemistry? Peter Atkins. 2013. NOT ex-library, other than the large tear to DJ, excellent condition. $8.00

Magnets and How to Use Them, Tillie Pine. 1958, 1963. PAPERBACK, NOT ex-library, pages are yellowed, but not brittle, good condition overall. $2.00 OOP
The Paper Airplane Book, Seymour Simon. 1976. The principles of flight and real airplane design are illustrated in this hands-on paper airplane book. PAPERBACK, NOT ex-library, very good condition. $3.00 OOP

Album of Horses, Marguerite Henry. 1951, 1993. PAPERBACK, NOT ex-library, good condition. Beautiful colored illustrations accompany text on different horse breeds. I have this in two of our FIAR units: The Finest Horse in Town and Wild Horses of Sweetbriar. $5.00
What's For Lunch? The Eating Habits of Seashore Creatures, Sam and Beryl Epstein. 1985. Very good condition with DJ. $6.00 OOP
Nature's Champions: The Biggest, the Fastest, the Best, Alvin and Virginia Silverstein. 1980. NOT ex-library, wear to edges of cover, otherwise very good. $5.00 OOP
The Camels: Ships of the Desert, George Laycock. 1975. Good condition. $4.00 OOP
All About Cats, Carl Burger. 1966. Good condition. $6.00 OOP
All About Monkeys, Robert Lemmon. 1958. NOT ex-library, good condition. $6.00 OOP
All About Monkeys, Robert Lemmon. 1958. NOT ex-library, very good condition with DJ. $7.00 OOP

Applied Science:
Things Around the House, Herbert Zim. 1954. Very good condition with DJ. $6.00 OOP
All About Aviation, Robert Loomis. 1964. Light edgewear, good condition. $6.00 OOP
Cooking the Vietnamese Way, Chi Nguyen & Judy Moore. 1985. Easy ethnic cookbooks series. Good condition. $3.00 OOP

Human Body:
The Skeleton Inside You, Philip Balestrino. 1971, 1989. Let's Read and Find Out Science book. NOT ex-library, very good condition. $4.00
Body Battles, Rita Gelman. 1992. PAPERBACK, good condition. Fun poems about the Immune System! $3.00 OOP
*TruthQuest History is a wonderful guide to studying history chronologically with living;books--it has the most comprehensive book list I've ever seen in a homeschool curriculum

**AmblesideOnline is a free online Charlotte Mason curriculum whose book list is full of wonderful, living books

***Sabbath Mood Homeschool Our good friend Nicole Williams has been delving deeply into living science using the Charlotte Mason Method for years. She has recently launched a line of Study Guides and has a plethora of living science recommendations, by subject, on her site.

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