Monday, January 31, 2011

History and Geography

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For the most part our books are reading copies—wear and tear, but still enjoyable, usable books. I will use the following scale to evaluate their condition, noting any major blemishes in the description of the individual books:

Excellent—Like New, not EX-Library, like you would find at a new bookstore

Very Good—Maybe ex-library, maybe not (if not will say "NOT ex-lib"), very good shape, maybe a few page creases, or pencil marks, etc, still a very good book with tight binding and clean pages

Good—Some wear to cover and pages to be expected, may have had some hinge repair, but book is still solid, a very decent copy

Fair—Expect more wear and tear, tape reinforcement to spine or inside covers, tape to page tears, smudges on pages are usually present

Poor—Really sad book that has seen better days, still contains the wonderful ideas of the book, but is lacking on the physical appearance!

Condition Note: All are HARDBACK and Ex-Library with usual stamps and pockets, etc. unless otherwise noted. OOP means this book is Out of Print. Unless we have inadvertently misrepresented a book's condition, all sales are final.  Thanks for looking!


History Series:

Landmark Books:
The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, Elizabeth Payne. 1964, 1992. PAPERBACK, light wear, good reading copy. $2.00 TQH*
Guadalcanal Diary, Richard Tregaskis. 1955, 1984. PAPERBACK, NOT ex-library, good condition. $3.00 OOP TQH*
Exploring the Himalaya, William O. Douglas. 1958. NOT ex-library, very good condition. $6.00 OOP TQH*

Miscellaneous Historical Fiction: (Loosely Chronological Order)

Ancient History:
The Art of Egypt Under the Pharoahs, Shirley Glubok. 1980. Good condition with DJ. $5.00 OOP TQH*
Ancient Egypt, Laurence Santrey. 1985. PAPERBACK, NOT ex-library, fair condition. Good introduction to Ancient Egypt for beginners. $1.00 OOP TQH*
Mummies Made in Egypt, Aliki. 1979. Good condition with DJ. Picture book about the mummies of Ancient Egypt. $5.00 TQH*
Tales Mummies Tell, Patricia Lauber. 1985. With Black-and-White Photographs of real artifacts. Fair condition with general wear. $3.00 OOP
Mummies, Tombs, and Treasure: Secrets of Ancient Egypt, Lila Perl. 1987. General wear, fair condition. $3.00 OOP
The Lost Wreck of the ISIS, Robert Ballard. 1990. This Time Quest Book tells the story of a an Ancient Roman Ship that was wrecked side-by-side with it's excavation in modern day. NOT ex-library, very good condition. $5.00 TQH*
A Roman Villa (Inside Story), Jacqueline Morley. 1992. NOT Ex-library, very good condition. $5.00 TQH*
The Book of the Ancient Romans, Dorothy Mills. 1937. NOT ex-library, very good except for fraying to top of headcap and 1" down edge of spine. Still very sturdy copy. $15.00 TQH* ADE***
Great Leaders of Greece and Rome, Leonard Cottrell. 1966. Chapter bios of Leonidas, Themistocles, Pericles, Xenophon, Horatius, Scipio, Julius Caesar, and Agricola. Very good condition with DJ. $8.00 OOP TQH*

The Middle Ages & Renaissance & Reformation:
Science in Early Islamic Culture, George Beshore. 1988. Very good condition, $6.00 OOP TQH*
The Middle Ages (History of Everyday Things), Giovanni Caselli. 1988. Good condition with DJ. $5.00 OOP TQH*
Renaissance and Reformation Times, Dorothy Mills. 1939. Very good condition. $18.00 OOP TQH* ADE***

Native Americans:
The Cherokee: Indians of the Mountains, Sonia Bleeker. 1952. Good condition with DJ. $6.00 OOP TQH*
The Indians of Northeastern America, Karna Bjorklund. 1969. Some general wear, good overall condition. $5.00 OOP TQH*
The Incas: People of the Sun, Victor von Hagen. 1961. NOT ex-library, very good condition with DJ. $7.00 OOP TQH*

American History:
A Basic History of the U.S.: Volume 5: The Welfare State (1929-1985), Clarence Carson. 1987. PAPERBACK, NOT ex-library, very good condition. $7.00 OOP TQH* ADE***
The Story of the Constitution (Cornerstones of Freedom), Marilyn Prolman. 1969. Very good condition. $3.00 OOP TQH*
Daily Life on a Southern Plantation, 1853, Paul Erickson. 1997. PAPERBACK, My ex-library, good condition. $3.00 TQH*
The Great American Gold Rush, Rhoda Blumberg. 1989. Good condition with DJ. $6.00

Modern World History:
European Land Battles (Military History of World War II): Volume 1, Trevor Dupuy. 1962. NOT ex-library, very good condition. $5.00 OOP TQH*

*TruthQuest History is a wonderful guide to studying history chronologically with living books--it has the most comprehensive book list I've ever seen in a homeschool curriculum

**AmblesideOnline is a free online Charlotte Mason curriculum whose book list is full of wonderful, living books